Investment Objectives


The principal investment strategies of the Fund are set out below:

  • • The Fund is geographically agnostic and will invest in innovators of products, services or business models with the potential to become a market leader via their disruptive technologies. Investment will be via acquisition of transferable securities such as equities, private equity, bonds, and derivative instruments selected for their above-average return potential.

  • • The Fund seeks to invest in companies whose business models are of a disruptive nature driven by, for instance, disintermediation and or digitization as well as investments into unlisted companies with above-average return estimates, globally, including Emerging Markets and Frontier Markets.

  • • The Fund seeks to buy primarily common shares but may also invest in negotiable preferred stock, convertible bonds, high yield non-investment grade securities, asset-backed securities, and emerging market debt securities; those instruments which deliver exposure to such disruptive innovators.

  • • Investments will be made on an opportunistic basis; target investments will be identified based on factors such as relative value and earnings estimate amongst others.

  • • The Fund may invest under circumstances of IPOs, LBO, MBO and trade sale opportunities in transferrable equity or debt securities that can be EUR or non-EUR denominated on a covered or uncovered basis as well as enter into currency transactions in order to seek total return.

  • • The Fund may, when and if consistent with the Fund’s investment objective, buy /sell options or futures on a security, index or currency pair, or enter currency forwards and interest rate or currency swaps (collectively, commonly known as derivatives) and hold money market instruments for its hedging or treasury operations.